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Kamal Haasan on Rajinikanth’s entry into politics: No one should enter politics


Kamal Haasan is all set to grace the television screens as he is hosting the first season of Bigg Boss Tamil Season 1. The show is to be aired from July 25. At the press meet for the show, Kamal Haasan fielded questions about his contemporary and friend Rajinikanth’s impending entry into politics. There have been many a time when Rajinikanth’s entry into politics was expected, however, this time people have taken it seriously after the actor himself addressed the public in the video.

When asked about his opinion, Kamal explained that this is not the right time for anyone to enter politics, leave alone Rajinikanth. He said, “Given the current political scenario in Tamil Nadu, I would say no one should enter politics. Not just Rajinikanth or any other actor. Any rational person will not do that.”

He was also asked if he would guide his friend when he enters politics and Kamal replied that this was not the right platform to comment on the same.

He also stated that he has been in politics since he started voting at the age of 21. He added, “One’s feeling as a Tamil is important rather than being born as a Tamil. Gandhi. Nehru, Bose are not Tamils by birth but many Tamil people keep the names of those leaders for their children. I am considered a Keralite by many Malayalees. If you ask whether I try to become the CM of Kerala, I would say I am not interested in that.”

Commenting on superstar’s observation that the Tamil Nadu political system is corrupt, Kamal said, “What he has said is neither wrong nor different. It is a allegation made by many people and he has just echoed that.”


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