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Green building in Coimbatore gets Platinum rating


Coimbatore: The 18,732 sq.ft building of SIERRA ODC’s eFacility at Annamalai Industrial Estate at Kalapatti in the city is in the global map of green buildings.

About 20 % of the civil materials used are recycled content, over 80 % of the construction waste has been either reused or recycled, and 78.3 % of the materials used are local products. These and many such features have got the building a score of 103 out of 110 (Platinum rating) from Green Business Certification Inc, which is the certifying body for all LEED projects worldwide. Globally 90,000 projects have LEED certification and SIERRA ODC here is the second highest ranking green building under LEED NC v2009, Mahesh Ramanujam, president and CEO of the US Green Building Council and GBCI, told The Hindu on Thursday.

 According to JG Giridhar, CEO and Managing Director of SIERRA ODC, it took about two years to complete the project and get the certification. Of the total area of 24,000 sq.ft, 18,732 sq.ft is air-conditioned and houses nearly 150 people. The ₹ 9-crore project (excluding land cost) has an organic waste converter to treat the waste from the kitchen, 60 KW of solar panels to generate solar energy, and even solar panels embedded on some of the glass panels in the facade. All the e-waste generated is recycled. “This is a green and smart project and it is easy for every one to replicate,” he said. “An employee spends about 10 hours at work and it is important that the quality of the air in the building is good. Such details have been addressed in the building,” he said. The software solutions company, which exports its Enterprise Facility Management software, is also setting up an onsite green learning centre where visitors can learn about benefits of green buildings.

Mr. Ramanujam added that GBCI has launched LEED Community and LEED City programmes in the country. With Smart Cities projects, the LEED City programme will look at certifying cities. “Surat is going to register soon,” he said. It would be possible to bring in certification in one year. About 2,500 projects with totally 1.17 billion sq.ft have applied for LEED certification in the country and 650 have got it, he said.

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